Create Multiple Users

Do NOT create a user with username starting with "auto". Any user with this kind of username will be deleted when linking databases.
You first need to log in into Open Enventory with an account with admin permission
Step 1: Choose Settings
Step 2: Choose Import
Step 3: download the User template and fill out the sheet according to the instruction.
  • This is a copy of the Excel User Import template. It is better to download the template from Step 2 above
Example of User Import template with info
Step 4: on the Import page:
  • Choose user in the table field:
  • Click on Choose file button to choose your prepared excel user import file from step 3
  • Choose the number of Lines to preview
  • Choose number of lines to skip (header lines)
Step 5: click the green check mark to start uploading the file
Step 6: match the appropriate column for each info
Step 7: click the green check mark
A similar screen as screenshot below should appear after success uploading
Example screenshot of successful uploading of multiple users