Change User Password

Change user password using an admin account

You first need to log in into Open Enventory with an account with admin permission
Step 1: Choose Settings
Step 2: Choose Users
Step 3: click on Details button (
) on the same row of the user you need to change password
Step 4: click on Edit button (
) (or double click anywhere on the info window)
Step 5: type in the new password and repeat
Step 6: Click on the green check mark:

Change one's own password

First, open up Open Enventory in any web browsers. Your screen should look as follows.
After logging in you should see the general window for searching chemicals.
Click on the “Settings” tab top and center of the page (outlined with a red box below).
This will change the left side bar. At the top of the left side bar you should see “Change password” Click here (the button is outlined with a red box below).
Your screen should have two boxes as shown below. Fill in both boxes press the “Change password” button right next to the text fields and your password has been changed.