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Create a New User

If you want to create multiple new users, please see:
Do NOT create a user with username starting with "auto". Any user with this kind of username will be deleted when linking databases.
You first need to log in into Open Enventory with an account with admin permission
Step 1: Choose Settings
Step 2: Choose Users
Step 3: Click on the plus side button
Step 4: Add info such as username, password.
Username needs to be unique across the whole server, not just a single database.
Current password requirement is:
  • 7 or more character
  • include at least 1 number
Step 5: add additional info such as name, locations
Step 6: Choose the appropriate permission
  • Choose one of the predefined permissions or "User defined" for customized permission
Step 7: Click on the green check mark:
You should see the new user on the new screen if success:
Screen after successful creation of a new user