Below is info for changes that are made for OE in KV's github:


    Add: option for borrowing of chemicals by users from outside of the group (guests)
      Details: The idea is each group should have one ‘user’ account designated for external users (users from outside of the group, guests). When someone outside of the group comes and borrows a chemical containers, this account barcode should be scanned and following by the container barcode. This specific account (made by turning on a specific permission setting External borrow in Predefined permission) is set so that during checking out of a chemical container by this account, a pop-up window would open and ask for the specific info (borrower’s name, group, contact info, and the group member assisting during checkout). This info is then saved into the history entry of that exact checkout event.
      To use this function:
        Create a new user, some thing like ‘guests_<database_name>’ for example.
        While creating this user, choose the following ‘External borrow’ in the ‘Predefined permissions
Choosing 'External borrow' in 'Predefined Permissions' for guests account
3. Use this new account in the OE barcode terminal. During checkout, a popup window like this should open to ask for more info:
Popup window asking for more info during checking out of a chemical container by an external user


    Add: Select2 javascript library to give users a customizable select box with support for searching, filtering. This change is for Inventory mode.
Customized 'Search' select box to allow for easy searching and filtering of search criteria


    Change: allow username to be up to 32 character


    Add yyyy-mm-dd date format for import chemicals from Excel file
    Change to import function to take user input name as the default name of the new molecule (if the molecule does not yet exist)


    Merge with Felix v2020-07-27. Noticeable changes include:
        date format localized, depending on language of user
        added missing suppliers, Sigma and Oakwood fixed
        minor fixes


    Add ability to sort by 'order_date' in 'chemical_storage' table


    Add ChemDraw JS into drawing tools for both Inventory and ELN. To use it:
      You need to obtain the ChemDrawJS license from ChemDraw support. You should be able to obtain Chemdraw JS license if your department/institution has site license for ChemOffice Professional, according to this.
      After you obtain the ChemDraw JS license file, rename it to "ChemDraw-JS-License.xml" if neccessary and put that file into chemdraw folder
      Turning on ChemDraw as your drawing tools by going into Settings > Personal settings > Molecule editing (for your own preference) or Settings > Global settings > Molecule editing (for your whole database setting) and change Structure drawing program and Structure drawing program for reactions.


    Add function to extract currency when it is in front of the amount
    Merge with Felix Rudolphi Official Release of OE-2020-05-03
    Fix TCI scraping due to its new website
    Fix: buttons size in Lab Notebook side
    Fix: Ketcher window size in Inventory and ELN sides
    Fix: bug preventing showing of "Print DYMO label" button (Reported by Gaël De Leener, PhD, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. Thanks, Gaël!)
    Fix "Reset" button in rxnSearch in ELN
    Fix wrong Tooltip for some "Reset" buttons
    Fix some English translation
    Fix PHP7 Warning: count()
    The following features are from Felix Rudolphi:
      Fix: Ketcher 1.0 bug
      Add: ChemDoodleWeb drawing 9.1.0 for both Inventory and ELN
      Add: Ketcher 2.0 beta for both Inventory and ELN


    Fix: typo cause PHP Warning "Illegal String offset"
    Fix: error in "Import and Edit" chemical containers where it rejects containers without CAS and name even if barcode existed.


    Fix for search by container barcode for customized barcode starts with '2'. Why: some users has reported in the case of customized chemical barcodes, for example '10001' or '11345' or '22069'. When searching using barcodes, all of those starts with '1' works fine but those starts with '2' don't return the correct result. This is because the automatically generated barcode by OE starts with '2' and in the code, all search query for barcode starts with '2' will be modified
    Add "Import and Edit" and "Import Only" options in the Settings menu for admin roles.
      "Import and Edit" option is similar to previous version of Import in which it allows admin users to import: chemical containers ("packages"), storages list, user list, and supplier offers. For chemical containers ("packages"), this function will check if the database has the chemicals based on provided barcode. If the barcode is not found, it will add new container. If the barcode is found, it will change the provided info for that container.
      "Import Only": only allow importing of chemical containers AND it will NOT check for existing container.
      Right now, this function will only turned on for MIT and Baylor University.
      To add your own institution, you need:
        Creating lib_customization.your-school-name.php with your-school-name is short or abbreviation of your school name. Use for an example
        Add the following line inside lib_customization.your-school-name.php after $default_g_settings["order_system"]="fundp";:
        /* Khoi: add customization identifier so that codes specific for your-school-name will be execute. Only change if you know what you are doing */
        Modify lib_global_settings.php by:
          Change this: define("customization",""); // Customization to use: f.e.: ".sample" for use of "lib_customization.sample.php", and "" for "lib_customization.php"
          To: define("customization",".your-school-name"); // Customization to use: f.e.: ".sample" for use of "lib_customization.sample.php", and "" for "lib_customization.php". Notice there is a period (.) in front of "your-school-name".
        Modify sidenav.php by:
          Right before this line: showSideLink(array("url" => "import_edit.php","text" => s("import_edit_tab_sep"), "target" => "mainpage", ));. On this line: if (in_array($g_settings["customization"], array("baylor", "mit"), true)) { add "your-school-name" (the same as "your-school-name" set in lib_customization.your-school-name.php) right at the end of the array list of institutions. For example:
          if (in_array($g_settings["customization"], array("baylor", "mit", "your-school-name", ), true)) {


    Add support for importing/deleting from Excel files (both .xlsx and xls).
    Add support for importing/deleting from csv (comma-separated text) files. Previously, only tab-separated text files are supported


    Changed default criterion to "contains" instead of "is similar to" in Structure search
    Made sidenav width resizeable for user that use Bootstrap4
    Made sidenav width automatically expand in Structure search
    Change format message in Terminal Mode to be more visible
    Change 'User Guides' to direct to gitbook (



    Storage barcode and person barcode columns in their respective setting pages
    Option to shorten the criteria list in Simple search in Inventory
    (developed for Baylor University)
    Placeholder for input type date in edit mode with yyyy-mm-dd
    Function to delete multiple containers via import text
    User guides section
    Added 'liters' and 'liter' to the list of recognizing units when importing text file


    Updated ChemDoodle to ChemDoodleWeb Component v8.0.0
    Upgraded Ketcher to v1.1-beta


    Let the cursor default to be in 'Database' input field on login page,
    fix for Firefox
    Fixed bug where date are deleted in edit mode


    Fixed Sigma-Aldrich cannot be accessed from A2 Hosting
    Fixed changed location inside normal OE window does not record in History text
    Added storage barcode for export functions
    Added user barcode for export functions
    Added show column for storage
    Added show column for user
    Fixed minor issue with "Disposed chemicals" list does not show correct view
    Applied changes from official OE version 2019-07-24


    Added date style to yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss when display in OE so there is no confusion in date style
    Added a new login page with mobile responsive
    Modified sidenav, topnav to use Bootstrap4
    Added option for admin user to turn Bootstrap 4 option on/off in global_settings


    fixed bug in Terminal mode: barcodeTerminalAsync.php and lib_language_en.php
      while doing inventory for a container (inventory mode or "Set storage for all following containers"), if you scan a non-existing barcode, the location will be removed. When a non-existent barcode is scanned, an error pop-up window appears.
    modified History log text to add storage_name; also added History log text
      when changing storage in edit mode (lib_db_manip.php, lib_db_manip_edit.php)


    import.php, lib_import.php: added importing function for locations and users using tab-separated text file
    lib_import.php: fix for importing chemical_storage_barcode bug.
      When import tab-dilimited text file of chemical containers, if the barcode column is the last column, it will add white space or \n character, making the barcodes inaccurate. The fix will trim all the white space \t\n on the right side of the input column
    topnav.php, style.css.php, lib_global_funcs.php, lib_sidenav_funcs.php sidenav.php: edited some fonts, styles


    lib_language_en.php, sidenav.php, barcode_autogeneration.php:
      Creating option for admin user to auto generate all location and user barcodes while using "Existing barcodes" functions


    lib_db_manip.php: edit logging text to reflect chemical containers when
    being moved from one location to another


    multiple files: Fixed functions for php7 warning
    Fixed "Set storage for all following containers" in Terminal
    Added barcode Type 128 generation for user using existing barcode
    import.php, lib_import.php: Fixed added order_date and open_date in Import tab-separated text file function
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