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Create a Guest Account

borrowing of chemicals by users from outside of the group (guests)
Currently, this function is only available in KV's version of OE 2020-09-26 or above.


The idea is each group should have one ‘user’ account designated for external users (users from outside of the group, guests). When someone outside of the group comes and borrows chemical containers, this account barcode should be scanned and following by the container barcode. This specific account (made by turning on a specific permission setting External borrow in Predefined permission) is set so that during checking out of a chemical container by this account, a pop-up window would open and ask for the specific info (borrower’s name, group, contact info, and the group member assisting during checkout). This info is then saved into the history entry of that exact checkout event.


Step 1: Create a new user, ‘guests_<database_name>’ for example.
  • While creating this user, choose the following ‘External borrow’ in the ‘Predefined permissions
Choosing 'External borrow' in 'Predefined Permissions' for guests account
Step 2: Use this new account barcode in the OE barcode terminal. During checkout, a popup window like this should open to ask for more info:
Popup window asking for more info during checking out of a chemical container by an external user
The provided info will be appended to the history entry for that particular checking out event. Example:
Chemical Container History entry log showing the provided contact info for guest users.