Turn On Import and Edit function for Chemical Containers

Add "Import and Edit" and "Import Only" options in the Settings menu for admin roles.


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    This for KV's OE version on or later than March, 12, 2020.
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    You must have server access


"Import and Edit" option is similar to previous version of Import in which it allows admin users to import: chemical containers ("packages"), storages list, user list, and supplier offers. For chemical containers ("packages"), this function will check if the database has the chemicals based on provided barcode. If the barcode is not found, it will add new container. If the barcode is found, it will change the provided info for that container.
"Import Only": only allow importing of chemical containers AND it will NOT check for existing container.
Right now, this function will only turned on for MIT and Baylor University.

Instruction to turn on this function

  • To add your own institution, you need:
    1. 1.
      Creating lib_customization.your-school-name.php with your-school-name is short or abbreviation of your school name. Use for an example
    2. 2.
      Add the following line inside lib_customization.your-school-name.php after $default_g_settings["order_system"]="fundp";:
      /* Khoi: add customization identifier so that codes specific for your-school-name will be execute. Only change if you know what you are doing */
    3. 3.
      Modify lib_global_settings.php by:
      • Change this: define("customization",""); // Customization to use: f.e.: ".sample" for use of "lib_customization.sample.php", and "" for "lib_customization.php"
      • To: define("customization",".your-school-name"); // Customization to use: f.e.: ".sample" for use of "lib_customization.sample.php", and "" for "lib_customization.php". Notice there is a period (.) in front of "your-school-name".
    4. 4.
      Modify sidenav.php by:
      • Right before this line: showSideLink(array("url" => "import_edit.php","text" => s("import_edit_tab_sep"), "target" => "mainpage", ));. On this line: if (in_array($g_settings["customization"], array("baylor", "mit"), true)) { add "your-school-name" (the same as "your-school-name" set in lib_customization.your-school-name.php) right at the end of the array list of institutions. For example:
        if (in_array($g_settings["customization"], array("baylor", "mit", "your-school-name", ), true)) {