Change Chemical Location

Go to an active Terminal on your Open Enventory page. It should look similar to the following page.

Moving one single chemical

  1. 1.
    Scan user barcode (will say you are logged in)
2. Scan chemical container (will now show chemical information)
3. Scan new location barcode (will now say “updated and location field will show new location”)

Moving multiple containers to the same location

  1. 1.
    Check the 2 boxes “Stock-keeping mode” and “Set storage for all following containers” (the “Set storage for all following containers” will show up after you check “Stock-keeping mode”). Note: you can check by mouse or use the “Barcode for stock-keeping mode” list from Settings menu.
2. In typical terminal window of database of interest. Login by scanning user barcode
3. Scan the 1st chemical containers
4. Scan the new location. The window will show the new location and say the 1st container “… updated”
5. Scan the 2nd containers, 3rd container, 4th container, etc.
6. When Done, uncheck “Set storage for all following containers”