Move multiple chemical containers

Step 1:

Login into OE and extract the list of chemical containers that need to be move. You don't need all of the details for each container, just: - CAS number - Names - Chemical container barcode: most important thing as this is the lookup point

Step 2

Open and add a new column with the name of the new location for each container. New LOCATION NAME MUST BE EXACT or OE would create a new storage location.
Skip this step if you want to move all of the chemical containers into the exact same location.

Step 3

Login into OE with an admin account if you have not done so in step 1

Step 4

Go to Settings > Import and Edit via text file
If you don't see Import and Edit via text file, you might not use the OE version by KV. If you did, you might need to enable it. See more at: Turn On Import and Edit function for Chemical Containers

Step 5

Follow the process that is laid out in Edit Multiple Chemical Containers .
In Step 5 of Edit Multiple Chemical Containers , you would only need to choose the column for CAS number, Name and most importantly, chemical container barcodeand **chose the correct column for the new location for the storage_name
If you want to change all chemical container into the same new storage, simply typing the EXACT STORAGE NAME in the input instead of choosing the column for the storage_name