Search Chemicals

Searching Chemicals in Existing Database(s)

Make sure “Chemical Search” mode is on
Step 1: choose what type of search: e.g “names, cas, supplier #”
Step 2: choose options: e.g. all words, contain (~ similar to), exact
Step 3: type is your search query, this can be name, CAS, supplier #, best with CAS and name
Step 4: choose database(s): choose one, or several (holding Ctrl while Left-click, or All databases (default)
Step 5: click Search
Video demonstration:

Searching Chemicals in Supplier Mode

Note: when Suppliers search mode is on (see add chemical via suppliers), Open Enventory search includes chemicals from the local database(s) first
Supplier search mode

Search Chemicals using Structure

The default drawing program in Sciformation Vectormol. You can choose a different program by going to: Settings/Settings/Molecule editing/ and change “Structure Drawing Program” to “ChemDoodle (Javascript)” (recommended).
Step 1: choose search with Structures
Step 2: draw structure
Step 3: choose options: contain, similar to, exact, etc.
Step 4: click search
If it appears that the search is not accurate in ChemDraw plugin, you have to active the ChemDraw plugin:
a) Right click on the background of the chemdraw drawing window b) Help/Activate my ChemDraw Plugin c) Input your activation info the same (from email) as what you did for installation of Chemdraw